Miss Bridget Walsh

your favourite vegan music nerd, just tryin' to save the world

"The Tendency Toward Complexity" EP
Summer 2018



Originally from Aotearoa (NZ), Bridget has been touring with bands out of the UK since 2013, taking the stage at a number of iconic global venues and festivals, including Glastonbury, Isle of Wight Festival, Boomtown, Sono Centrum, Latitude, Estragon Club, Subsonic,  Auckland Arts Festival and the Edinburgh Fringe, and she is incredibly humbled to be endorsed by Audix Microphones USA. 

Bridget's booty-shaking soul-pop is all about bringing people together and making people smile, with her musical roots spanning everything from hiphop to hardcore to musical theatre. Bridget is joined on stage and in the studio with a line-up of killer artists from across Europe, including Lyle Barton (UK) on keys, Radovan Brtko (Slovakia) on drums and Digby Lovatt (UK) on bass. 2018 sees the release of Bridget's first solo EP, "The Tendency Toward Complexity", due for release this Northern Hemisphere Summer.


Photography by Ann Marie Amick, Brooklyn, 2017